About us

As part of Let Us Together, we are a group of young entrepreneurs with a common interest in creating a social website build around the users interests. Each with our own set of competences and interests, we all contribute with different types of knowledge, e.g. within communication and marketing, bringing it all together to in an effort to reach a common goal.

Working on a project such as Let Us Together requires a lot of drive as well as believing in the project succeeding. That perspective is always top of mind when we are working on the project. We all come from different (educational) backgrounds, however, common to us all is that we are engaged in the project and have a strong desire to create a great foundation for Let Us Together.

Being entrepreneurs, it can at times be hard to keep one’s spirit up, especially when things do not go as planned. In those situations, our faith in what we are doing has been the corner stone in our efforts to keep working towards realising this website. Being able to bring into play our different competences and inspire each other at our weekly meetings has further helped us in creating a solid foundation for Let Us Together.

We love to be a part of this project, where we have had plenty of opportunities to unfold our creativity. We will maintain a strong focus on collaboration throughout the project, so we continue to be innovative, hard-working and creative in making and marketing Let Us Together.