Let us Togethers mission

Contribute with a donation and increase the possibilities for social inclusion

We are in need of help to launch Let us Together. We have worked on the project for several years, and we are now very close to having the website finished. But we are not quite there yet in order to have it complete. Therefore we hope you will support us with a small donation. How much you donate is left entirely up to you - every little bit helps.

You can donate directly here on this website

Together we hope to create better opportunities for social inclusion in our society!

By supporting us you are supporting a socio-economical business, which:

  • Improves social interaction and happiness in society
  • Gives you the chance to find new and exciting communities through your interests
  • Offers an overview of interesting people and activities in your local area
  • Strives to minimize loneliness and isolation
  • Works towards employing an increasing number of socially marginalized people in society
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