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We are for everyone!

There is room for everyone at Let Us Together. We are a community, where everyone is welcome. We believe that differences makes us valuable as human beings.

We are curious!

Curiosity towards your passion is what drives Let Us Together to create a website with room for unique interests. We value the energy and enthusiasm fuelling passion and we can’t wait to explore it further.

We are creating communities

It is important to us that you have the possibility to share your interests – no matter how rare or exceptional they may be – with other passionate people. We also truly value the notion of community, which can be established through the website.

Development of society

The nature of society is changing. We live in an individualised world. Where the social structures of society lead to people living in isolation, feeling alienated and even self-contained. The reason for this development is largely unknown. We presume a big part of the explanation has to do with people living in a combined media-, consumer- and knowledge society. Where it all comes down to being perfect, lifelong learning and self-representation. Making things worse is that fact that we are working further from home, under constant pressure, only to return to families that, over time, have become smaller in size and even broken. Young and old feel isolated and it often leads to feeling of alienation or loneliness – not to mention related complications and worst case scenarios of illnesses, substance abuse problems, suicides etc.

We live in a world, where:

Where 460,000 on antidepressants.

10,000 try to commit suicide and close to 700 succeed each year.

1 out of 4 young people is lonely.

As the human being are socially creatures, we want to support and strengthen social relations in an effort to improve general health, well-being, and quality of life through a strengthened sense of community. Let Us Together makes it possible to look for other people sharing the same interests. In this way, communities are created around interests such as horse riding, golfing, travelling, going to the movies and so on. If you want to read more about the effects of the changing nature of society the click here… (in Danish).